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Our Vision

To keep Agricultural, Mining, Commercial Fishers & Industrial Workers Dry, Warm and Comfortable for longer!

Our Mission

Provide an easy & convenient solution to fit out individuals and teams with high quality industrial grade rain wear and accompanying wet weather gear.

Our Story

Our story started in June 2009. began life as a relatively benign one-page website selling just a single range of wet weather gear (Seal Flex Navy) to farmers who could not easily access their rain wear requirements through other means.

Over the seasons, we've added various other product lines to the our range to accommodate the varied needs of the agricultural sector, and additionally to better serve our non-agricultural clients in the mining industry, commercial fishing industry and other outdoor industrial sectors.

Through our website, we seek to present, as clearly as possible, a range of high quality wet weather gear for use by those who simply have no choice but to work in the rain or in the many extreme, harsh and unforgiving weather conditions mother nature can throw at them.

To the future, we look forward to constantly updating and adapting all aspect of our business to remain on-point and relevant to our customer base, all of whom we are extremely grateful to list as our valued clients.

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A Few Stats...

  • 72% of customers are buying for their own requirements (predominately 1-4 pieces)

  • 21% Customers buy for their Workforce in bulk.

  • Less than 1% of garments are returned due to being the wrong size.

  • 76% of orders are generated by Rural/Agricultural customers (Farmers, Contractors)

  • 21% of orders are generated by Mining & Industrial customers (Mine Sites, Municipal and Industrial contractors)

  • 0.89 days: Generally speaking, in 2019 we dispatched orders on the same or next business day after having received the order.

  • 100% delivery success during our lifetime., Australia Post and Startrack Express are very reliable.

A Few Facts...

  • 100% Australian Owned & Operated

  • Easily contactable by email and phone

  • Tried & tested products which our customers come back to us repeatedly to re-purchase.

  • Clear, user friendly Returns Policy

  • Easy, safe & efficient payment options

  • Great competitive pricing.

  • Efficient direct wet weather gear supply. 

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