So why do our customers buy from us?

Having started trading in 2011, we've built up a significant customer-ship mainly centering in the Agricultural & Industrial sectors.

Our main brand presence is the Seals group of products which allows us to offer a complete range of wet weather gear for all types of uses, focusing primarily on products for Industrial application, rather than the leisure application.

In 2013 we implemented Online Store Software allowing our customers to choose as many different items as they wished, also gaining the ability to offer discount incentives for customers wishing to buy more than one garment.

We feel our site is easy to navigate and clearly informs customers of the product's attributes. If we need a touch up here or there, please don't hesitate to let us know via our feedback page.

A Few Facts...

  • 100% Australian Owned & Operated
  • Easily contactable by email and phone
  • Tried and Tested Products which our customers come back to us repeatedly to re-purchase
  • Clear Returns Policy
  • Easy, Safe & Efficient Payment options
  • Great Competitive Pricing.

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A Few Stats...

  • 79% of customers are buying for their own requirements (predominately 1-6 pieces)
  • 21% Customers buy for their Workforce in bulk.
  • Less than 1% of garments are returned due to being the wrong size.
  • 76% of orders are generated by Rural/Regional customers (Farmers, Contractors)
  • 1.4 days: Generally speaking, in 2015 we dispatched orders on the first or second day after having received the order.
  • 100% Delivery Success during our lifetime.

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