WetWeatherWear.com are extremely excited about the onset of Winter 2013.

Suffer no longer, we now have the complete range of Wet Weather Gear available, ready to be posted direct to your farm gate, business address or home.

We have further refined the site this year to now include multiple garment discounts of 10% off, plus you'll get free postage Australia Wide on any purchase of 2 garments or more!

If you have a work team you need to provide high quality wet weather gear to this year, please give us the chance to quote you on a team fit-out purchase - click here to submit a quote.

Seal Flex Wet Weather Gear is the original and best Industrial and Agricultural Grade Wet Weather Gear :

  • Breathability
  • Light Weight
  • Flexible to your body's movement
  • Fully Accessorised
  • Extremely high quality construction, means Seal Flex gives you the very best value for money to keep you dry during Winter 2013.