WetWeatherWear,com is excited to report our sales of wet weather gear have been strong well into the winter.

Historically, wet weather gear walks out the door early in the winter season which is to everyone's expectation, however this year we are sending more gear into the rural zones of Victoria, South Western Australia and New South Wales, later in the season.

"Seal Flex has a great name out in the market place and we think people are getting online more and more these days to purchase their non-perishables such as their wet weather gear and other items" says Nick Gray, founder of WetWeatherWear.com    

It seems people are becoming more and more comfortable buying online as time goes by, using their credit cards via WetWeatherWear.com's PayPal payment gateway, or by Electronic Funds Transfer.

We're excited to be witnessing the acceptance of purchasing clothing online, especially by the demographic who were previously thought not willing to give it a try - the baby-boomer rural community - but how wrong we were!