DexShell:  Waterproof & Breathable! 

Socks, Beanies & Gloves


Coolvent Lite

Standard Duty, Lighter material thickness


Reinforced for Trekking, 40% Merino Wool inner lining, warmer duty, Lengthto the Mid-Calf

Coolvent (Std)

Warmer duty, Heavier material thickness

Hytherm Pro

40% Merino Wool inner lining, warmer duty, Lengthto the Mid-Calf


40% Merino Wool inner lining, warmer duty, heavier material thickness

Over Calf

Perfect for use with Gumboots, close fitting Length to the Knee


 Warm, Breathable, Seamless and Waterproof


Wool Knit Beanie not Waterproof but very warm.

Dexshell socks explained

DexShell Explained...

DexShell Waterproof Socks and gloves have a TRIPLE-LAYER seamless construction:

  1. The Outer Shells are the protection layers. They and knitted with Nylon yarns so they are not only durable, but also very easy to drip dry.
  2. The Inner Layer is made from Merino Wool or Coolmax Yarn (Seasonal Options) provides the wearer with extreme comfort by maintaining a very hospitable inner micro-climate.  The Merino wool (for winter) or Coolmax yarns (for the other seasons) provides superb thermal performance, moisture transfer, and touch sensation. The Merino Wool and Coolmax yarns also protect the wearer from blistering and abrasion.
  3. The high performance Porelle Waterproof Breathable Membranes provide the Dexshell material with its main attributes: 100% Waterproof & Highly Breathable. The exceptional quality and reliable performances of the Porelle films ensure our DexShell socks remain 100% waterproof and highly breathable.

Watch the Demo: It’s Amazing!