Stormshield Polar Fleece Jacket

A fully insulated option with wind resistant lining. Features two internal and two external pockets.

The Polar Fleece Jackets are constructed from soft, breathable, non-piling and mildew resistant polar fleece making them ideal for outdoor wear, or for use in conjunction with the Breathable Seal Flex (UltraFlex) or Soft PVC Stormshield wet weather gear products.

Stormshield polar fleece garments are double insulated making them windproof and do not absorb water. Perfectly designed for outdoor work or adventures..

Available in blue, adult sized stormshield polar fleece garments come in vests and zip-up jackets.

Wet Weather Warm Lining Fleece Jacket
Polar Fleece Inner Liner for use with Seal Flex or Soft PVC Stormshield Options

Stormshield Polar Fleece Jacket Blue+Grey

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