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PolyUrethane Fabric is Flexy, Stretchy, Durable & Extremely Light Weight, and our Most Popular Garment Fabric!

Light Weight Polyurethane Fabric
Breathable Factor
Stretchable & Flexible to the Body's Movements
Extremely Light Weight to wear.

WATER PROOF Rain Jackets






Soft Fabric PVC Material
100% Waterproof
Low Cost Options with High Quality Value
Heavy Duty & Light Duty Use Options







Breathable Factor & Light Weight Polyurethane Fabric
AS/NZS 4602:2011 Compliant High Visibility Safety Garment Standard
Stretchable & Flexible to the Body's Movements
Extremely Light Weight and easy to wear.






Waterproof & Breathable Socks
Gumboots, Milking Sleeves, Heavy Duty PVC Aprons
Waterproof Warm Gloves & Beanies
Commercial Use Quality Across the Range!

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About Seal Flex Garments

Seal Flex wet weather gear clothing is made from BREATHABLE Polyurethane fabric.    

PVC is thick, can be heavy and is not breathable. Seal Flex Garments ARE Breathable.

Seal Flex garment benefits are:

  • Lightweight
  • Stretchable & Flexible (up to 1.5 times their normal length!
  • Have a Breathable factor and;
  • Have good abrasion resistance.
  • Overall customers find Seal Flex clothing EXTREMELY comfortable to wear.
  • See Garment Care info.
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Seal Flex Clothing

Seal Flex Wet Weather Gear is used extensively in agriculture particularly in the dairy and market gardening industries.  Seal Flex is also suitable for heavy industrial use.

The design and cut of  Seal Flex is functional and is designed for people who work outdoors.

Out of all the Rain Wear brands on offer in Australia, Seal Flex is the most well thought out design making it the name to trust.

Seal Flex Rain Wear is made from a unique high-tech polyurethane fabric with a breathable factor which means its will actually let perspiration disperse from the inside to the outside, whilst also keeping the pouring rain at bay. The tough construction means this fabric will stretch 150%, and then re-form to its original shape without damage.

Seal Flex’s clever design of each garment means every piece is very user friendly, with pockets where you want them, heat fused waterproof seams, double flapped zipper cover, easy to use draw strings and workable peaked hoods.   

SEAL FLEX Wet weather gear and safety garments are highly flexible, light weight, hard wearing and waterproof while still maintaining optimum breath-ability so your comfort is assured.

SEAL FLEX wet weather and safety gear includes a very high quality selection of garments and Boots:

  • Parkas
  • Bib & Brace
  • Over-trousers
  • Fleece Lined Vests

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